Public Information

As a dependent Special District, the Seminole County Port Authority is dedicated to public awareness of the ongoing activities at the Port of Sanford. Seminole County Port Authority’s nine-member Board of Directors is appointed to four-year terms by the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners.

Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Administration Building located at 1510 Kastner Place, Port of Sanford, Sanford, Florida. The Public is welcome to attend. At these meetings, the Board of Directors oversees the general operation of the Port of Sanford including the adoption of an annual budget.

The Seminole County Port Authority’s fiscal year runs from October 1st through September 30th. Likewise, each year the Seminole County Port Authority participates in an annual audit of all financial matters.

Board of Director's Agendas & Minutes

The Public Information page of our website uses PDF documents to provide monthly agendas and minutes of each board meeting.

We have gone through the process of making sure that each PDF document is natively accessible. Each PDF document will open in a new window in your browser. If you have any trouble reading or navigation through the document, please contact us at 407-322-4798.

February   Agenda_2024-02-21
January Minutes_2024-01-17 Agenda_2024-01-17
December Minutes_2023-12-20 Agenda_2023-12-20
November Minutes_2023-11-15 Agenda_2023-11-15
October Minutes_2023-10-18 Agenda_2023-10-18
September Minutes_2023-09-20 Agenda_2023-09-20
August Minutes_2023-08-16 Agenda_2023-08-16
July Minutes_07-19-2023 Agenda_2023-07-19
June Minutes_2023-06-21 Agenda_2023-06-21
May Minutes_2023-05-17 Agenda_2023-05-17
April MInutes_2023-04-19 Agenda_2023-04-19
March   Agenda_2023_03_22
February Minutes_2023-02-15 Agenda_2023-02-15
January Minutes_2023-01-18 Agenda_2023-01-18
December Minutes_2022-12-14 Agenda_2022-12-14
November MInutes_2022-11-16 Agenda_2022-11-16
October Minutes_2022-10-19 Agenda_2022-10-19
September Minutes_2022-09-21 Agenda_2022-09-21
August Minutes_2022-08-17 Agenda_2022-08-17
July Minutes_2022-07-20 Agenda_2022-07-20
June Minutes_2022-06-15 Agenda_2022-06-15
May Minutes_2022-05-18 Agenda_2022-05-18
April Minutes_2022-04-20 Agenda_2022-04-20
March Minutes_2022-03-16 Agenda_2022-03-16
February Minutes_2022-02-16 Agenda_2022-02-16
January Minutes_2022-01-19 Agenda_2022-01-19
December Minutes_2021-12-15 Agenda_2021-12-15
November Minutes_2021-11-17 Agenda_2021-11-17
October Minutes_2021-10-20 Agenda_2021-10-20
September Minutes_2021-09-15 Agenda_2021-09-15
August Minutes_2021-08-18 Agenda_2021-08-18
July Minutes_2021-07-21 Agenda_2021-07-21
June Minutes_2021-06-16 Agenda_2021-06-16
May Minutes_2021-05-19 Agenda_2021-05-19
April Minutes_2021-04-21 Agenda_2021-04-21
March Minutes_2021-03-17 Agenda_2021-03-17
February Minutes_2021-02-17 Agenda_2021-02-17
January Minutes_2021-01-20 Agenda_2021-01-20