History of Seminole County's Port Authority

The Seminole County Port Authority was created by an act of the Florida Legislature on December 28, 1965, operating under F.S. Chapter 2010-240 , with the purpose to construct and manage a barge port and industrial complex on the St. John’s River in Seminole County, Florida. The enabling legislation instructs the nine-member Board of Directors to serve the County and public purpose, which is accomplished through economic development efforts directed primarily at small business interests.

The Port Authority operates as a dependent special district, and its legislation directs certain operational duties such as membership, public meetings and agency jurisdiction. It’s goals and objectives, however, are determined by the Board of Directors and the day-to-day activities are managed by an Administrator. Board of Directors’ meetings are held monthly and are subject to Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law. Visit our Public Information page to view the next meeting agenda and minutes of the last several meetings.

Small Business Warehouse Leasing Incentives

The Port Authority primarily serves the small business community of Seminole County by offering warehouse leases for facilities from 1,500 to 8,000 square feet in our Small Business Center, which provides incentives to small emerging businesses that have qualifying business plans. To date, almost 450,000 square feet of modern warehouse, manufacturing and distribution facilities are complete, capable of housing up to 89 tenants and comprising 48% of the Port Authority’s building inventory. Occupancy rates of these competitive warehouse facilities have exceeded 95% over the past decade because of the pro-business attitude of management and the Board of Directors.

The success of the Port Authority’s Small Business Center paved the way for the development and construction of a 10,500 square foot facility which houses the Small Business Development Center, offering office space and/or laboratory space as small as 144 square feet to the small business market. This program is under the direct control of Seminole State College and offers a host of small business support and assistance services to its clients. For more information, visit their website at www.seminolestate.edu.

Job creation and retention have always been the overriding management factors which guide the administrative process of the Seminole County Port Authority.

SCOPA Founders 1967

Convenient Interstate Warehouse Connection at Port of Sanford

The central location of the Port of Sanford offers ease of access to the Central Florida commercial market, with convenient access to I-4 to other major markets in the State. In addition, an on-site private marina provides first class dockage and boat storing facilities with immediate access to the beautiful St. John’s River along with a scenic waterfront restaurant.